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Historically, and as part of our culture, we have special value to craftsmanship and quality of the food they are part of us. Also, to the peace and balance of our environment.

That is why, that not long ago, think capitalize on natural resources of the province with an elaboration humble olive wood. It is a slow and laborious preparation for their qualities, but the results have highly valued because it is one of the strongest woods, beautiful and special.

Our efforts to show some of our land has been recognized by many people also, encourage us to continue promoting something that really needed to revive.
That is why, that we gather here, some of the best pleasures of Jaén.

We need to feel the authentic, personal and human in everything we do.
We do not want a cold shoulder to people interested in us. We need to believe that those who know us, will leave with the feeling of having shared best.

Jaén, a little world of artisans, whose greatest asset their own hands.